Creative Strategies

Nothing is possible without a Creative Strategy. To seize and hold the attention of your prospective clients and customers. It must cut through clutter, be clear sighted and subtle. Media Touch does just this by developing flexible, adaptable strategies and above all inventive and novel ideas that refresh the brain and send the target audience’s hands straight to their wallets.


Campaign ideas and design execution

'The Campaign'; it connects you to your marketplace, your customers and the summit of your sector. Too work, it has to have a certain pizazz, a bite, a 'pull'.

Media Touch will make sure your campaign does more than tick all of the boxes your business requires to thrive not merely survive. We will help you identify business goals, support you in your marketing and evaluate the ideas and available options that will drive growth in your business.


Logo Designing

A logo is more than just a fun picture on a letterhead or a sports bag. It should push psychological buttons that create associations to the kind of qualities you want your company to known for. It do more than should catch the eye, it should get under the skin of the marketplace.

This is where great design, imagination and sheer verve come in. This is where Media Touch comes in.

If it's designing a logo from scratch or refreshing an old one Media Touch will create a visual device that resonates with the market, with customers and with you.

Our highly qualified, well drilled team will go beyond regular graphic design and into a dimension that speaks deeper truths about your business and what it represents.


Brand Guidelines

Nearly as important as your product or service is your brand. The brand encapsulates everything your business, your human capital stands for. It represents quality (or it should), perhaps thoroughness, maybe inventiveness. Whatever it represents, how you utilize that brand, how you allow it to be utilized says as much about your business as the product.

Baring these thoughts in mind, only a team skilled and experienced in building winning, quality brands can take your brand and make it work and win for you. Previous clients have benefitted from strategies that involved a careful mix of media coverage, on ground activity, awareness programs and sponsorship associations.


Our web experts can give your site the zing it needs in the copy, the bang it needs in the graphics. Our touch, the Media Touch, can make your site, your brand, your product stand out from the crowd.


Digital Development

Whatever your digital domain; website, social media or mobile apps, we have mastered the three things that put you on top:

Development \ Design \ Content

Each of these is itself a unique art from requiring thought (development), vision (design) and perseverance (content) from the start to the finish. With content, it's arguable that there is no finish, only continuous effort.


Media Planning and Buying

Don't overspend, join Media Touch and buy media space with confidence, poise and assurance. If you're new to advertising and marketing or looking for fresh, new ways to speak to your market – Media Touch is there for you.

With Media Touch, your messages will be seen by fresh eyes in new ways; consistently and with maximum exposure.


Event Management

No-one should have a great website and dreadful events. Media Touch has that covered by handling business events too.

We take responsibility for factors such as stage design, Audio Visuals, lighting and logistics.

We don’t only do the physical stuff, we can handle the speakers too, coordinating with them to get their speech exactly right, helping with travel and their own logistics.



Many people think they have at least a novel inside them, maybe more. If you are a writer, Media Touch can publish you. You and your novel will be provided the support your deserve.

We will report on progress during the production process itself. When we release your novel to the world, we will follow every opportunity to make it succeed in an often tough marketplace.

As a media Touch author, you will get nothing less than our full attention and respect.